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Report Automation

Report automation is the simplification of reporting process through macro.

It is done by linking data sources and allow calculations and decision trees to work in the background.

It is possible to cut what usually takes six hours of reporting down to 15minutes, allowing for sanity check.

Dashboard Report

Committed to helping you manage business KPIs effectively. Arrow indicators, sparklines and summary figures are used to indicate key business metrics at a glance.

 Dashboard reports can be constructed using Power BI or Tableau.


Data Analysis

Using statistical means to derive insight into marketing and sales figures. We will work together to understand trends visually and arrive at the underlying drivers.

The key is to create actionable insights guided by predictive modelling.


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Absolute and Mixed Reference in Excel

Absolute and Mixed Reference in Excel

Absolute reference and relative references refer to whether cell address in formulas is fixated. Absolute references use a dollar symbol ($) to fix both row and column position, whereas relative references do not have the dollar symbol in front of row or column...

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Sorting in Google Sheets

Sorting in Google Sheets

Sorting in Google Sheets allows you to arrange data the way you want, either in ascending order, descending order or custom order. Google Sheets provides Sort function in menu, Filter view that allows you to access sort functionalities and Sort() function for...

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First and Last Working Day of Month

First and Last Working Day of Month

The idea behind the formulas for first working day of the month is very similar to finding the last working day. Essentially you find the last day of the month, then you add one to it or subtract from it. Below we will see how the combination of WORKDAY() function and...

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