Natalie MacDonald, an editor at LinkedIn, recently posted an article “The end of the big white wedding?”, mentioning the concerns would-be couples have on suppliers and the future of wedding in light of the impact of COVID-19.

The post reminds of the hectic schedule and huge expectations couples experience before walking down the aisle.

Searching around on the internet reveals some free templates, however, none of them as comprehensive or provides links to actual blogs that detail what you should know, such as the cost, etiquette, and process in regards to wedding preparation, as the product that is developed in a little more than two days.

There are budget planner, checklist, seating chart, process planner, guest list organiser and more. You can easily customise columns and rows to your needs.

There is no affiliation with any business mentioned in the template at the time of publishing.

This is a well-thought-out wedding planner you can use in your upcoming day of your life with minor modifications. You can collaborate with others with ease using the Google Sheet template.

Please consider your personal situation, such as budget and custom when using the template.

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