Sorting in Google Sheets allows you to arrange data the way you want, either in ascending order, descending order or custom order.

Google Sheets provides Sort function in menu, Filter view that allows you to access sort functionalities and Sort() function for automatic arrangement of data.

You can make a copy of the Google Sheets here

Google Sheets Sort Button

There is no sort button in Google Sheets. You have to access sorting function through the menu.

To sort data, select the data, then go to Data menu, select “Sort Sheet by…A -> Z” to sort in alphabetical order.

sort ascending order descending order

To access sort functionality for each column, go to Data menu, , select “Create a filter“. The filter in each column then allows you to do sorting from A to Z, Z to A, or by colour.

Sort by Colour

google sheets sort by color

To sort a range by colour, select the data, then go to Data menu, select “Create a filter“.

You can then sort either by a cell’s fill colour or by its font colour.

How to Sort in Google Sheets App

google sheets freeze top row

To sort the whole sheet,

  1. Click on View -> Freeze -> 1 row from the menu. This prevents the top row from being sorted.
  2. Click Data -> Sort Sheet by column, A-Z (ascending) or Sort Sheet by column, Z-A (descending)

Google Sheets Sort Function Multiple Columns

sort multiple columns google sheets

Select the data range, click Data -> Sort range.

sort multiple columns

If your data has a title row, check “Data has header row” checkbox.

For each columns that you want to sort, select the column then choose either A to Z or Z to A.

Click “Add another sort column” button to add additional columns in the sort hierarchy.

Google Sheets will do sorts in the order you specified from top to bottom.

Google Sheets Custom Sort Order

custom sort google sheets

To do custom sort, put the sort order list in a range for easier manipulation. In this case, cells F1 to F3 contains the desired sort order.

Sort() function has the syntax:

SORT(range, sort_column, is_ascending, [sort_column2, is_ascending2, ...])

You can add more Match() and TRUE argument pairs to do multiple column sort in custom sort order.

The Match() function will return a number based on the custom sort order specified in column F.

Google Sheets Not Sorting Correctly

If the data is not sorted correctly, check that what appears to be numbers or dates are not treated by Google Sheets as text.

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