If you have product barcodes that you want to scan to Excel or Google Sheet, you can use an add-in called Scan-IT to Office. What it does is that it converts your phone into a barcode scanner by pairing it with the spreadsheet you are on. It is not a free add-in and data will not be populated properly until you purchase.

If you are looking to convert a barcode value into actual barcodes, refer to the post Generate Barcodes in Excel.

Scan-It To Office Youtube Intro

Features of Scan-It To Office

  • You can use it online or offline
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Multi-user support
  • Available on Excel and Google Sheet
  • Image to Text OCR conversion

How to Install the Add-In

For MS Excel Online and Excel 365, go to Insert tab, then Office Add-ins. Click on Office Store button. Type the name “Scan-It to Office” in the search bar.

For Google Sheet, install the Chrome Plugin

How to Set Up

  • Install the Scan-IT to Office App
    Download the free demo-version from Google Play, Apple’s AppStore or from TEC-IT’s web site. Install the app on your device and start it.
  • Pair the App with this Add-In
    Use the Scan-IT to Office App to scan the QR-code presented by the Add-In or enter the pairing code manually.

Settings on Add-In

You can determine where you want barcodes and related items to load on your spreadsheet. In Options tab of the plugin, scroll down to Advanced section to tweak the settings.

Scanning Barcodes from the App

Once you have the app installed on your device (mobile, iPad etc.), you will be prompted to scan the QR code on your spreadsheet plugin.

Press Scan QR-Code button, and have the scanner pointing towards the QR code on spreadsheet add-in described above.

Once the app successfully verifies the connection, you will be prompted to grant permissions for camera, location and storage. The information is needed for output onto your spreadsheet, although you do not need to grant permissions for all items. In this case camera and location permission will be granted to allow the phone to capture barcodes and save it on the phone.

You can click the “Wi-fi” icon to check the connection. In this case the app was not purchased, so you can see that the status is online but unencrypted.

To begin scanning barcodes, firstly press the list icon at the bottom of the app. You will be presented with a list of forms that detail what items to capture together with the barcode.

For demonstration, the eigth item “Barcode+Text+Image” will be chosen.

In the screenshot above, press the barcode icon to start scanning a barcode.


Once you have scanned the barcode, click on the camera icon to scan the product title.

The bottom right corner of the scanning interface will show a T icon. Press that to allow text recognition. You will be prompted to select only the text you want to insert. Click and drag the book title in this case. Once you are content with the scanned image, select the tick at the bottom right corner.

Do likewise for image section.

The downside with image section is that you cannot crop the image, and so what you see in phone camera is what you get.

Press the large paper plane icon at the bottom right corner to insert the information into spreadsheet.

Scan-It To Office Pricing

This is the pricing for Scan-It To Office Word plugin found on the official websitehttps://www.tec-it.com/en/order/prices/PriceList.aspx#SCAN-IT


Scan-IT To Office is not the only app you can use to scan barcodes to spreadsheets. There are other alternatives out there.

If you plan on doing bulk barcode scanning, buying a barcode scanner may be the best option.

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