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Visually appealing and intuitive. It provides an opportunity to compare projected vs actual and shows it in a graph.

There are no formulas to put in, instead, just put in the numbers and the formulas will populate results.

You can customise expense items and hide unused rows.

Budgeting should be so simple!

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This personal budget spreadsheet template allows you to compare Projected versus Actual. This is available for both Income and Expense. You can spot the total-expense trend month by month on a chart.

visual comparison projected vs actual expenses

Colours are highly consistent, so you will know which ones are projected figures, and which ones are actual figures.

budget spreadsheet projected versus actual

There are no extensive formulas, just simple enough budget-keeping template where totals are automated.

You also get a pie chart that you can filter by month. All projected expenses for that month show up clearly in colour-coded categories. This will suit you particularly if you are a visual person. If you only use up to eight categories, you can even remove the legend and add data callout directly on the pie instead. This pie does not have data callout since it will clutter the visual space.

projected expense pie chart

Features of Budget Spreadsheet Template

  • Intuitive table design guided by distinct colours
  • Allows two income sources (can be modified for more income sources)
  • Visual comparison of projected versus actual expenses
  • Practical sub-categories fulfilling its role as a budget spreadsheet
  • Months in columns make it easy to see changes
  • Pie chart with projected expense categories
  • Printable on A4 for either projected or actual expenses

budget spreadsheet projected expenses

Expense items are put in already with plenty of room for customisation. For example, you can add several credit cards.

The whole template prints out neatly on A4 sheets.

How to Use Excel Budget Spreadsheet

Put your starting balance and incomes at the top of the budget spreadsheet.

The blue columns are for projected expenses. Modify subcategories as necessary and put in projected amounts based on historical experience and assumed inflation. You can also add rows with caution. There are a few subcategory items built-in for flexibility before you consider adding rows.

Subtotal rows will add up automatically.

As actual expenses come due, put the amount in gold-coloured columns.

Continue to monitor changes month to month.


One .xlsx Excel file with a Note sheet that contains simple instructions, a Monthly Budget sheet for entry and a Summary sheet that sums up total projected expense for pie chart.


  • Does monitoring expenses help?
    • Yes, keeping an eye on outgoings is the first step towards financial freedom.
  • Does this work on Mac?
    • Yes, this works on Mac Excel 2011 and later
  • Is the file safe to download?
    • The site is recognised as safe on Norton Safe Web. There is no virus in the file. This site is for consumers like you, and making it safe so that you can keep coming back is a top priority.
  • What payment options are there for this budget spreadsheet product?
    • The recommended payment method is through Paypal.
  • More questions? See our dedicated FAQ page.


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Microsoft Excel 2007 and later
Mac Excel 2011 and later


One person, two PCs

Macros and protections

No macros, no worksheet protections

1 review for Premium Personal Budget Template

  1. Gary L.

    Straight forward, easy to use. Categories in budget section just right for my purpose. Especially love that section on pets. Hopefully this will bring my spending back on track!

    • admin

      Thank you! Glad it helps. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

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