Excel Inventory Tracker with Location Filter


Intuitive Excel inventory tracker that will reflect value of inventory, profit and items to reorder with visible flags. You can filter by location, bin size and one attribute.

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FEATURES of Excel Inventory Tracker

The Excel inventory tracker has the following features:

  • Automatic product image look up

  • Location filter and BIN size filter

  • Automatic calculation of value of inventory and profit

  • Automatic update of Category drop-down list column

  • Automatically flag products below reorder level

  • Columns with formulas are colored. Easy to tell them apart.

  • Visual instructions on how to use it in Instruction PDF file.

  • Allow one product attribute


  1. Start with Meta sheet to define trading years, product location, bin sizes and one product attribute.

  2. Put Category, Item ID, Item Name, Location, Bin, Opening Inventory, Cost per item, retail price and reorder level in columns B to K in Inventory sheet

If a product is discontinued, put YES in Discontinued column (column Q)

  1. Record transactions in Transactions sheet. Record Transaction Date, Category, Item ID, Attribute and Quantity (negative amount for sales, positive amount for reorders). Transaction Amount will be updated.

Meta worksheet controls the drop-downs in other worksheets. Just make sure that the 50 rows of formulas in Category column (column A) covers all available categories. If not, drag the formula down. Easy as.

Put all product images in a folder, and make sure you name them the same way in Inventory sheet. You can change the size of picture frame to suit.


Microsoft Excel. Works on Excel 2013 and later.


There are three files: an Excel Inventory Tracker with sample data, a blank Excel Inventory Tracker and a PDF file with visual instructions.

The files contain simple macros. If a prompt comes up, click on Trust the macro.


Private or commercial use by you only.

Do not resell or redistribute.

Message me anytime with any questions.


Private or commercial use: One person, two PC

Do not resell or redistribute.

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