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This is a printable gym attendance sheet that can be used in Excel 2007 or later. Instructions are available in the product. The attendance sheet comes with a file with sample data and another blank template. User-friendly, customisable.

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This is a printable gym attendance sheet. You can use it in Excel 2007 or later. All cells are customisable. There are no protections or macros, so you can use it to your heart’s desire.

printable gym attendance sheet

If you use it in its digital form, there are dropdowns that suggest valid input values for most of the fields. These dropdown values are customisable in separate sheets.

There are two files in gym attendance sheet product for download: the one with sample data and a blank template. Each time you open from the template, make sure you save your data to a destination folder. The template will remain blank every time you open it. Just be careful not to overwrite the template.

Header cells and certain input fields have instructions. You will see them once you click on a cell.

This is a beginner-friendly attendance spreadsheet.

You can adjust the number of rows if necessary. You can use it any way you like in your fitness class.

If you are after a tracking dashboard that will show you the attendance trend of all classes, check out Gym Attendance Tracking Template

FAQ on Gym Attendance Sheet

Why should I buy this template?

In its digital form, you can customise values in all dropdown fields, such as group, type, class, level, instructor and so on, in another worksheet. Once you edit the values, the dropdown field will update itself. Easy as.

I want a simple chart showing the visual breakdown, help?

If you need help customising any aspect of the product, you can do so. Simply purchase Template Customisation service on the product page.

Note that support is always an email away if you want to know how to use the product.

Can I get a refund?

This product does not allow a refund.

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MS Excel 2007 and later
Mac Excel


One organisation

Protections and macros

No protection, no macros


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