Excel Skill Matrix Template


A general skill matrix for employee skill training record.  Features:

  • Show Skills Relevant to Positions
  • No Formula Needed
  • Easily Add Your Own Titles and Skills
  • FAQ and Email Support
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This is a general skills matrix template made in Excel that will work in most offices. Its greatest selling point is to be able to show you which skills are relevant to the employee’s position according to what you specified in Skills worksheet.

Here are the features:

Show Skills Relevant to Positions

It sections skills by soft skills and hard skills and shade skills not relevant to the position grey.

No Formula Needed

You do not need to write formulas to update the conditional formatting, simply insert new columns, drag the formulas and paint the formats over new cells.

Easily Add Your Own Titles and Skills

Using default Excel tables, you can edit existing sample data and add new ones to update the main skill matrix worksheet.

FAQ and Email Support

A worksheet with a summary of each worksheet and FAQ. There are also explanation boxes at relevant positions to guide you every step of the way.

All formulas are not protected, you can access and modify them to your needs.




Additional information


Microsoft Excel


One person or organisation only

Macro and Formulas

No macros
No protected formulas


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