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This is a printable Bill Tracker template designed in Excel. Powerful chart visuals and filtering, yet simple enough to be used by first-time Excel users. You can use it as a monthly expense organiser or bill pay checklist.


This is a printable Bill Tracker template designed in Excel. Simple enough to be used by first-time Excel users. If you have been seeking for an expense spreadsheet that is easy to use, look no further!

There are two downloadable files, one containing sample data, and one blank expense tracker template.

All the bill items will be summarised in a banner and update the charts.

bill tracker features

bill tracker features

Features of Excel Bill Tracker Template

Here are the features:

  • Visualisation
    • A banner showing the number of bills unpaid and overdue, and
    • A banner showing the total amount of bills unpaid and overdue
    • Colour coding that shows the status of billing items.
    • Bar chart showing positive and negative differences between budget and actual. If you prefer a column chart, it is ready for you to use as well!

      budget difference by line item chart

      budget difference by line item chart

    • Line chart to see items paid or yet to be paid.

      bill by due date chart in bill tracker

      bill by due date chart in bill tracker

  • Data Filtering
    • Timeline tool inserted that works in MS Excel 2013 or later. You can use the tool to filter for items in certain periods.
    • Slicer to filter for “Due in 30 days”, “Due in 7 Days”, “Overdue” and “Paid”.
  • Printable bill tracker in landscape mode. You can easily print it in PDF. You can learn about adjusting print setup here.

    printable bill tracker

    printable bill tracker

Using Bill Tracker Template as Bill Pay Checklist

Bill tracker template doubles as a bill pay checklist. Simply put a date in Date Paid column to see Status change to “Paid” in green. This way you can easily see if a bill is paid or not. Organise your bills today with an Excel spreadsheet.

How to Use it as a Monthly Expense Sheet

To use it as a monthly expense spreadsheet, put the due date as you would expect it to be due. Then simply refresh the pivot table in Monthly View worksheet (Instruction supplied).

monthly expense spreadsheet

monthly expense spreadsheet

In terms of visualisation, filter for line items in certain months only using Timeline tool provided.

If you have recurring items, please also purchase “Template Customisation” product together with this product. Alternatively, share the link to this product on Facebook or Twitter to receive the version with recurring items once you purchase this product and send me an email with the link.

This way, you have a solid monthly bill tracker in Excel.


Works best in MS Excel 2013 or later.  You can use it on a second computer that is yours.

Contact Me

Got any questions? Let me know how I can help! Drop me an email to let me know how you use the bill tracker template.

Sales FAQ on Bill Tracker Template

  • Why should I buy this product?
    • This product gives you a visual of how bills are tracking. You can filter for any period you like, you can use it as a checklist, and it is printable! You are looking for a solution to your expense tracking issue, and here you have one. This is the best value your money can buy to reduce expense-related headaches.

Technical FAQ on Bill Tracker Template

  • Can I use it on Mac?
    • Leave a comment if you need a Mac version. The Timeline tool will not work on Mac Excel, so are pivot charts. Otherwise the billing tracker is Mac ready.
  • Can I use it on Google Sheet?
    • The template is not suitable for use on Google Sheet. Table feature will not work. A Google Sheet version is being developed. You will find the latest products in Downloads section
  • Can I use it as a weekly expense spreadsheet?
    • To see weekly expense, you can group dates in “Bill by Due Date” pivot table. Note that this will change the appearance of the chart. See post on Pivot Table Group Dates by Week.
  • Is the bill tracker template editable?
    • Yes, it is an editable, printable Excel expense tracker. There is no protection on formulas whatsoever. All pivot tables and worksheets can be changed any way you like.
  • What if I have an issue with the bill tracker template?
    • If you have any issue with the template, simply drop me an email, and I will reply within 48 hours.
    • If you are still not convinced, send me an email with “Refund” and order number as the email title. Put your date of purchase and bank details so I can give you a refund. If possible, please also leave the product title and reason for refund in the body of the email. Refund is available within 30 days of purchase.
  • What if I need customisation on the template?
    • It is unlikely that you will need customisation on this template, however, consultation is only an email or phone call away. You can find all the business operation information on Google. Note that we service customers around the world, most notably United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia.

Purchase FAQ on Bill Tracker Template

  • Can you issue me an invoice as proof of purchase?
    • YES! Send me an email after purchase with your order number, product name and purchase date. An invoice will be issued with an Australian Business Number.
  • Is it secure to buy on this website?
    • YES! All the data between you and the website goes through an HTTPS protocol. You can see the technical aspects of HTTPS and its difference to HTTP in Wikipedia
    • In short, fully authenticated HTTPS connections were usually found only on secured payment transaction services as it required third party authentication.
  • What payment options are there?
    • You can pay by Paypal or direct bank transfer. Payment is managed by trusted WooCommerce gateway that encrypts data transfer.

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Additional information


MS Excel 2013 or later


One family, two PC licence.


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