Automated Timeline Summary Template in Excel


This Excel product is an automated timeline that tracks changes from the input sheet to the summary sheet. There are buttons to hide unused columns, making it a printable template.

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This product is an automated timeline that tracks changes from the input sheet to the summary sheet. In the Excel version, there is a macro that allows you to hide and unhide blank columns. This way you can print out only columns with entries.

You manually input into Detail sheet. The Summary sheet will automatically show what was recorded for the said product(s) in certain months in a timeline view.

Detail Sheet:

Summary Sheet:

The date columns are captured automatically by formulas. You simply select all the Product+Category combinations from the drop-down lists in columns A and B. You can customise the automated timeline template for multiple categories. For other automated features, request for Template Customisation service. Requests can usually be processed within 48 hours.

The Excel version of the automated timeline product comes with a slicer-enabled chart. It shows a count of data points for each product:

Hide/Unhide column buttons:

Instructions Sheet:

For purchase and sales related questions, see FAQ.

Automated Timeline FAQ

  • How do I edit the drop-downs?
    • You can edit the drop-down list in Meta sheet. Simply change or add new values. The drop-downs will update automatically.
  • Is there drop-downs in Details sheet?
    • Yes, data validation rules that control the drop-downs use Meta sheet as the source.
  • I want to  change something on the template.
  • Can you help me with data entry?

Additional information


MS Excel 2013 or later. You can use it in Excel 2007 without slicer feature.


One person or organisation. Two PC at most for the entity.


This is a macro-enabled Excel product.
Macro is used to hide and unhide date columns in Summary sheet only.
If you do not need this feature, you can disable the macro.

Formula Protection

There is no protections on any formula.


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