Many university graduates arrive in the office just typing out data in Excel line by line, fully unaware of the powerful treasure that is within their reach if they just ask. No, I am not referring to Excel, but the people around them. After all, a tool is only as good as people’s knowledge of how to use it.

Lots of people ask how they can get better at spreadsheets, and the solution is always simple: Learn from the best, Challenge yourself from experience, and Lots of Practice.

The exercises below shall be used for personal practice only. If you intend to use it for commercial purposes, please include attribution to this website. The solution is included in all spreadsheets. The corresponding solution on Google Sheet is also provided.

Autofill Search Replace

This is a simple exercise that makes use of spreadsheet’s fill series feature and searches and replace functionality.

Basic Operation and Formatting

 This workbook assesses the use of simple arithmetic formula in spreadsheet and basic number format.

Cell Alignment Column Width

 Applying Merge & Center, word wrap, and decimal place adjustment to a spreadsheet.

Cell format If

 This exercise deals with cell border format and basic comparison equation.

Column Width AutoSum

 This exercise requires the use of column width auto-adjustment, Sum function or AutoSum and the creation of a column chart.


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