Finding Length of Text

Excel LEN() function returns the length of a text string. It is often used with LEFT(), RIGHT() and MID() function to perform text manipulation. Together, these functions allow one to find a substring that is to the left or right of a certain character and so on.

Syntax of Excel LEN Function

LEN() function has the below syntax


where string can be a text string or be replaced with a cell address.

Note that a blank space is counted as one character, so is a tab character or a copyright symbol.

Using IF() with LEN()

IF() and LEN() together can be used to test if a cell contains an empty string. This is different from ISBLANK() function. For example, suppose you have a formula that would return a blank string in cell A1, the formula


will return TRUE, whereas


will return FALSE.

Another use of the combo is to tell between standard numbers and international numbers using character length.

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