How Do I Download the Template?

Once you have paid online through a secured WooCommerce gateway that oversees transactions on this site, you will be able to download instantly on the website.

Will the product be compatible to my spreadsheet program?

Before you purchase, check the Environment tab of the product to see the program listed. Most of the templates and macros are compatible to Excel 2007 and later. If you use Mac Excel or Google Sheet, check specifically for such mentions.

Can I share the template with others?

There are templates that allow you to share with the whole family or whole organisation. Most templates come with the licence to be used by the purchaser only and be allowed to install on two different computers.

Please do not use it outside of licence terms.

Can I make changes to the product?

Most of the products are not protected with passwords, so yes, you are allowed to make changes in those cases.

Read specifically on Formulas and Protections tab before you purchase the product.

If you wish to customise the product in certain ways, by all means send me an email or purchase Template Customisation service.

I am new to Excel. Help!?

Help is at hand! The products come with instructions either on product description page or in the product itself when you purchase.

You can also

  • Search and find information in Blog section
  • Email me with product-related questions
  • Purchase the Training Service product to get 30min of Skype, Google Meet, Teamviewer or Zoom virtual meetings.
  • Use the chatbot (coming up) on the site to help you find information

What if I have an issue with the template?

  • If you have any issue with the template, simply drop me an email, and I will reply within 48 hours.
  • If you are still not satisfied, send me an email with “Refund” and order number as the email title. Put your date of purchase and bank details so I can give you a refund. If possible, please also leave the product title and reason for refund in the body of the email. Refund is available within 30 days of purchase.

Can you issue me an invoice as proof of purchase?

  • YES! Send me an email after purchase with your order number, product name and purchase date. An invoice will be issued with an Australian Business Number.

Is it secure to buy on this website?

  • YES! All the data between you and the website goes through an HTTPS protocol. You can see the technical aspects of HTTPS and its difference to HTTP in Wikipedia
  • In short, fully authenticated HTTPS connections were usually found only on secured payment transaction services as it required third party authentication.
  • Third-party WooCommerce gateway manages encrypted transaction between you and the website.

What payment options are there?

  • You can pay by Paypal or direct bank transfer. Payment is managed by trusted WooCommerce gateway that encrypts data transfer.

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