(Fictional data)

Converting file formats between csv/tsv/pdf is very straight-forward.

As shown above, we have a formatted heading and a small list of telecommunication companies with fictional call centre numbers. To convert the data either into Comma Separated File (CSV) or Tab Separated File (TSV), we use the File, Download option.

Note that converting to csv or tsv means you will lose the formatting.

Download as CSV

To convert the file into a csv file, go to File, Download, then choose “Comma-separated values”.

To view the file in csv format, right-click on the file and choose “Open Folder”. Then right-click on the file and choose Open With. Choose a program such as Notepad.

As shown above the data is now in comma-separated format.

Download as PDF

Go to File, Download, then choose “PDF document”.

Download as TSV

 Suppose the file is not in Google Sheet but somewhere in a computer folder, then we need to open Google Sheet and go to File, Open.

In the “Open a file” dialogue box, choose Upload tab, then find the file from the folder to drag and drop into the blank area.

The alternative assuming we already have the data in Google Sheet is to access File, Download, “Tab-separated values” option.

Now proceed as the method for csv file, and open the file to check the format.

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