Google Sheet comes with the handy feature to Insert Checkbox through menu selection.

The checkboxes default to aligning centre. If you click on the cell with a checkbox you will see in the formula bar that it actually has a TRUE or FALSE value.

What if you want to align it left, and put a value to it?

If there are only a handful of cells you want to do this on, you can:

Select the cells

Go to Insert, Checkbox

Click on the three horizontal dots in toolbar

Click on the Align Icon and choose “Left”

This will align the checkbox towards left.

You can then go to Insert menu, choose Drawing.

Click on Text icon to insert a shape then type the word you need.

Click on the three horizontal dots to change the font and size of the text.

Then adjust the size of the textbox to fit inside the cell.

Do this for multiple cells.

At the time of this article, there is not yet a way to copy paste the textbox in Google Sheet. You can do it in Google Doc, although that can not be transferred to Google Sheet.

Recommended Way

The recommended method is to separate checkboxes and values in two separate columns.

This way you can type in text easily in the other column.

Note that you can also change the colour of checkboxes by changing the cells’ font colours.

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