About Us

Concensure.com is established by Casper Wu from Australia, serving customers from around the world, most notably the United States and England.

The core principles behind our products are Effortless, Powerful, Appealing. This is done by surveying and testing to achieve that balance.

The core products provided by the business are Excel templates and macros in the Downloads section. The blog serves to answer common Excel-related questions that customers might have. Most products on offer refer to the blog for instructions that are more detailed and technical.

Casper works with a team of trusted freelancers to put together products and services. Below are some services that we provide:

Excel Workshop

This is a popular service conducted face-to-face. Currently offered online only but may resume once social restrictions are less strict.

Data Analysis

Using statistical means to derive insight into marketing and sales figures. We will work together to understand trends visually and arrive at the underlying drivers.

The key is to create actionable insights guided by predictive modelling.

Dashboard Report

Committed to helping you manage business KPIs effectively. Arrow indicators, sparklines and summary figures are used to indicate key business metrics at a glance.

Dashboard reports can be constructed using Power BI or Tableau.

Report Automation

Report automation is the simplification of reporting process through macro.

It is done by linking data sources and allow calculations and decision trees to work in the background.

It is possible to cut what usually takes six hours of reporting down to 15minutes, allowing for sanity check.

Other Services

There are other websites that we run, providing services such as Python automation, web scraping and data entry.

Primary Business Number in Australia

+61 466 604 993

Primary Business Number Overseas

+681 256 0818

There is a PO Box in England, which is not encouraged:

Unit 24380, PO Box 4336, Manchester, M61 0BW

and of course, you are welcome to send any inquiries to


If your business is located in Australia, an invoice can be sent to you upon request.

I value your feedback!! Leave a comment in the blog, email or on Google. I will respond in time.

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